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Mensagem  WILL-BFR em Dom Ago 22, 2010 12:33 pm

How we have already know, soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil, and our activity is about it.

History of soccer in Brazil.

Charles Miller, was born in Brás, SP. He traveled to England when he was 9 years old, because he wanted to study there. In England, he saw the soccer, and when he came back to Brazil, he brought a ball and a group of rules. We can consider Charles Miller as precursor of soccer in Brazil.
The first game in Brazil happened on April, 15th in 1895 between british workers that worked in São Paulo. "FUNCIONÁRIOS DA COMPANHIA DE GÁS X CIA. FERROVIARIA SÃO PAULO RAILWAY."
The First team created was "SÃO PAULO ATHLETIC", May, 13rd in 1888.
In the beggin, soccer was played only by elite people, and the black ones couldn't play.
In 1950, the World Cup, was in Brasil, saddly, our team lost the final game. (Uruguay 2 x 1 Brazil). In 2014, The World Cup will be here again, LET'S GO BRAZIL! Very Happy
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